Unveiling Pretty Little Pieces.
Date: 4th&5th July
Introducing LA.X NIGERIA!!!!!!!
The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!!! LA.X Nigeria's first high street store opens its doors to our online family,another first from the stables of xclamations! Our growing range of products include printed pants,camisoles,day dresses and funky casual pieces for guys all in the quality we are famous for and at pocket friendly prices. Our physical stores will open in July 2014 but before then you can start shopping on xclamations.net just in time for summer!
Style of the week
This week Xclamations! presents our stylish back to school top for all our fabulous yummy mummy's out there...Available in new and exciting colors.
Our Steal Of The Week: The Lovely indigo blue denim dress. A " Steal" @ N8,000 only...Hurry while stock lasts!
Our steal of the week is the very chic bow belts. Available in brown and black.A steal at N3,000 only.Offer last while stock lasts. Watch out for next weeks steal!
Our 2013 summer luvin collection hits our stores early this year.Making its debut in may instead of June. The collection is our most robost summer collection yet. Boasting a very vibrant range of colors in textures ranging from our signature linens,laces, cotton,chiffon and silk.See you soon. 

  • 13 items

  • 51 items
  • Summer is in and we present our all new collection with prints and designs that shows off our femini.....
    10 items
  • Our new collection "Silks,Frankincense&Myrrh" made its debut at the Lagos,design & fashion week.A fi.....
    15 items
  • New designs now on sales starting from 12th july and ending soon!limited quantities and sizes availa.....
    14 items
  • Blazers,tunics,blouses,t shirts.All made with the best in fit,fabric and finish
    23 items
  • short dresses for work,fun and functions.
    19 items
  • Our long dress are made for elegance and comfort.
    11 items
  • Our jump suits are all the rave this season
    7 items
  • Our signature kaftans are stylish and easy to wear!.They are rich in design and hiqh in quality.
    7 items
  • Our long signatue skirts are full of character.
    3 items
  • Lovely belts
    3 items
  • Our hot new Picasso collection debut on the Lagos fashion week runway
    6 items
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It really does matter
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Have you ever looked at your work and considered it unimportant? Afterall you are not the president of the united states,you are not re- habilitating destitutes or caring for orphans(All worthy causes by the way), you don't preach on a pulpit or raise money for cancer awareness. You are just doing what you do,baking those cookies, creating beautifull spaces,auditing,caring for your kids and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter.....or so you think. I felt this way for the longest time......
What I truly love!
Added on Sat, 02 Jun 2012 00:25:06 +0100
I love what I do ! Actually that's not right,I really really love what I do! After 10 years in the business of fashion I have learnt a few things about myself and I came to a surprising conclusion recently while taking stock of the years......what I really do love about being the boss lady at xclamations is not really designing clothes(yeah it shocked me too) what I love,truly love at my core...what I would do without getting  paid is meeting people.I love people(some of my staff may challenge .....
Selling convenience
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I wasn't  sure what she meant when she asked " are you the one?". I havent quite made the celebrity club yet(Not even sure I want to) so I still get tickled when I'm "recognised" but she didnt recognise me it was the "Afrobeat tshirt " I wore that gave me away. "My name is Tomi rotimi"I replied still not sure what that meant. then she did something that I wasnt expecting....she put her hands around me in a tight embrace " I love your work!" I relaxed a bit...I know sizzle,joygirl,multipanel a.....
Added on Tue, 15 Nov 2011 22:28:44 +0100
I have always been passionate about my work and always been proud of what I do but when I was sitted among 22 other designers each representing their country as winners of the British council award,I admit for the first time in a loooong time I felt unsure and undeserving.I had just wittnessed presentations from members of the group and wondered " why they were here?" or was I the fish out of water? Some of these guys were doing really amazing things in their countries!!! Aneeeth from india was .....
Feel the fear but do it anyway...I did.
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If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me " How can I turn this into a business?'' I would would have made a small fortune. Everywhere I go I see people desperate to make a living out of a hobby or skill they have but very few actually  do it.I am fotunate to be  one of a few who have managed to turn "what they love" to "" what they do" and I have learnt a few lessons in my ten year journey and even more intriguing are the excuses people give for not stepping out.I will share some of t.....
"No be God?"
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It was the beginning of another season....another collection was due and that meant my staff and customers were waiting to see what was new and I had nothing! Soooo much was happenning,we had outgrown our factory and had begun the uphill task of moving to a bigger one,the kids had just resumed school and so school runs and mummy duties took up my day and the last thing I felt like doing was designing! i put pen to sketch pad a dozen times and nothing,nada,zilch! I asked myself the same questi.....
House call!
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I had promised myself I would stop making house calls not just because of the extra effort involved but because I truly believe it denies our customer of a complete " Xclamations experience" but there was something about this lady that made me give in. She was a guest at a talk show a  client of mine hosted and had asked to meet the designer of the kaftan her host was wearing.My customer called immediately after the interview to pass on her details. I am really not a fan of the celebrity phen.....
....The rest is history.
Added on Fri, 01 Oct 2010 16:52:09 +0100
It had been a long day ,Lagos traffic was at it's peak and my little red car was overheating again but I needed the money and worst still I couldnt afford to dissapoint a "first time customer". " Have you told her I'm here...its been twenty minuites....." I said politely to a "not so polite" receptionist "hmmm" she replied, barely looking at me over her magazine. I didnt mind ...it had been three months since I left my bank job to start "peddling" my designs from office to office...nobody said .....
Added on Sun, 08 Aug 2010 11:13:49 +0100
"I love Michelle" she said admiring herself in our full length mirror.Her new buy fit like a glove." I know i have it in two colors already but each one is stunning...this is your best design yet!" I smilled in appreciation,i can never get tired of being complimented on my work.We packed up her dress neatly,she paid for it and left the shop smilling. Barely ten minuites later another customer walks in spotting an opra tunic " I have a dinner party to attend today and i need something extra spe.....
What to wear...the age old dilema
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"Hi girl, its my birthday on monday....cant believe i'm forty already! would love you to come over to Helen's to celebrate.I know you are a busy business woman but all my new friends would love to meet you. See ya!"  A simple, harmless message from an old friend but as innocent as it sounds, a message like this can(and will) give a woman heart palputations, cause panic attacks and raise blood pressure....why? you might ask( and if "you" are are asking "you" must be a man) well because it raises.....
Kaftans and tunics
Added on Wed, 02 Dec 2009 12:12:52 +0100
She stepped into my showroom wearing a radiant smile with a pep in her step. She looked comfortable in her own skin and fabulouse in that Kaftan. I thought she looked familiar but couldnt tell how exactly, but one thing was  sure that kaftan was mine.....i just never forget a design...call me cuckoo but they are like my babies." Hello madam, welcome to Xclamations.Would you like to view our latest collection" I managed to say still "eyeing" her outfit.           "Actually I would like.....
Featured Products
Bibi in silk
₦36,750 Buy Now
This is the latest addition to our growing list of print designs.This fluid,silk satin short dress t.....
Sabina in Blue
₦25,000 Buy Now
We stay true to our African root with our batiki ankara print.This simple embroidered ankara dress i.....
Sabina in Brown
₦25,000 Buy Now
Our lovely embroidered ankara also comes in brown.For a day out or just a casual wear,it is always a.....
sarafina palazzo Jumpsuit
₦33,000 Buy Now
Keep people guessing....our palazzo jump suit in this funky ankara print in a flirty fluid fabric is.....
₦36,000 Buy Now
A clever mix of prints and textures makes the sultana p dress a one of a kind and an xclamations mus.....
Black Diva
₦32,000 Buy Now
Our own Version of the "little black dress"with the bead work around the neck and a ruffled bottom y.....
₦28,000 Buy Now
The oprah dress is back in a stunning black version.
Wrap KAftan
₦42,000 Buy Now
Embroidered  wrap kaftan with lace sleeves
Old Oshodi
₦12,000 Buy Now
New tee shirt  with lovely motif that captures one of the busiest part of the country!
cami-camileon jacket
₦8,000 Buy Now
The camileon jacket is not just super chic but super sensible too. The see through detail on the jac.....